In the fight against climate change, it’s crucial to have science-based decision-makers, leaders who understand the intricacies of climate science, and innovative youth ready to develop practical solutions. The ZeroPlastic Movement is spearheading an initiative designed to meet these needs head-on: the Climate Change Hackathon. This series of events aims to foster a new generation of climate warriors equipped with the knowledge, leadership, and innovative spirit necessary to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Kickoff at CINEC Campus
The Climate Change Hackathon series launched successfully at CINEC Campus last weekend, setting a high bar for future events. This exciting initiative, funded by the London Stock Exchange Foundation, brought together passionate students, academics, and industry experts to collaborate on innovative solutions for climate change. The event was a melting pot of ideas and creativity, showcasing the incredible potential of young minds when given the right platform and support.

What is the Climate Change Hackathon?
The Climate Change Hackathon is not just an event; it’s a movement. It’s about creating a collaborative environment where participants can brainstorm, develop, and implement innovative solutions to combat climate change. These hackathons are set to take place in major universities across Sri Lanka, ensuring a wide reach and the inclusion of diverse perspectives and ideas.

Objectives of the Hackathon
Science-Based Decision Making: By bringing together experts and students from various scientific disciplines, the hackathon aims to produce solutions grounded in solid scientific research and data.

Leadership Development: The hackathons are designed to identify and nurture future leaders who can advocate for and implement climate-friendly policies and practices.

Youth Innovation: By tapping into the creativity and technological prowess of young minds, the event seeks to generate fresh, innovative solutions that can be applied at grassroots levels.

Upcoming Hackathons
Following the success at CINEC Campus, the ZeroPlastic Movement is gearing up to host subsequent hackathons at other major universities, including:

University of Peradeniya
University of Colombo
University of Moratuwa
These events will continue to build momentum, fostering a network of Climate Change Makers who will spearhead sustainability initiatives across the country.

Join the Movement
The ZeroPlastic Movement’s hackathons are more than competitions; they are a call to action. They offer a unique opportunity for students to engage with pressing environmental issues, develop their skills, and contribute to meaningful change. Participants will have the chance to work alongside experts, gain hands-on experience, and be part of a community dedicated to preserving our planet for future generations.

Looking Forward
The ZeroPlastic Movement is committed to establishing Climate Change Makers in all universities, who will then deploy grassroots initiatives in their communities. This ambitious project aims to create a ripple effect, spreading awareness and inspiring action far and wide.

Stay tuned for more updates and find out how you can get involved. Together, we can innovate, lead, and create a sustainable future!

How to Get Involved
Follow Us: Keep up with the latest news and event announcements by following the ZeroPlastic Movement on social media.
Participate: Register for upcoming hackathons and bring your ideas to the table.
Support: Whether through volunteering, donations, or simply spreading the word, your support can make a difference.