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Human activities are the primary drivers of climate change. At Climate Zero Foundation (CZF), we aim to minimize the impact of these activities on the climate to zero.

Empowering Climate Action

Mission Towards Zero Impact

Climate Zero Foundation (CZF) strives to minimize human activities' impact on climate change to zero. We collaborate closely with communities and youth, focusing on initiatives like the ZeroPlastic Movement, combating plastic pollution and climate change.

CZF acknowledges human activities as primary climate change drivers. Our focus is on minimizing their impact through collaborative efforts with communities and youth, emphasizing multifaceted movements like the ZeroPlastic Movement.

The ZeroPlastic Movement, CZF's flagship initiative, is committed to reducing plastic pollution and its impact on climate change. With its extensive volunteer network across the country, the movement stands ready to support Climate Zero Foundation's initiatives and amplify their impact in addressing climate change.

In addition to the ZeroPlastic Movement, Climate Zero Foundation (CZF) is dedicated to combatting climate change through a range of initiatives. We're initiating climate activism bootcamps, adaptation programs, and mitigation efforts such as the Solar Movement and Tree Movement. These endeavors underscore our unwavering commitment to reducing carbon emissions, fostering resilience in vulnerable communities, and promoting sustainable practices. With a holistic approach, CZF strives to address the multifaceted challenges of climate change and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.


Adapt, Mitigate, Innovate: CZF Leading the Charge for Climate Action!

Climate Adaptation

Climate adaptation initiatives focus on building resilience to extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and other climate-related hazards.

Climate Mitigation

Mitigation efforts focus on promoting renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, and supporting carbon capture and storage technologies.

ZeroPlastic Movement

The ZeroPlastic Movement is CZF's flagship initiative aimed at reducing plastic pollution and its adverse effects on climate change.

Recent Activities

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